AI gate plugin, sampling drums, and more

AI gate plugin, sampling drums, and more

Studio Tool You Need 🎹

Smart:Gate is a new plugin from Sonible. It uses machine learning to deliver results that were not possible before. You can read more and start your free 30-day trial here -

Production Sauce 🎵

Do you have trouble getting the right drum sounds? This video by the "EDM Tips" channel shows us how to "steal" the drums from almost any music.

News Story You Should Hear About ⚠️

AlphaTheta, the proprietor of Pioneer DJ, has purchased Serato, joining two of the most renowned brands in DJ hardware and software. For many years, Pioneer DJ's controllers have been working seamlessly with Serato's software. Consequently, their acquisition is not surprising. Serato also develops some impressive music production software such as Studio, Sample, and Pitch 'n Time.

An Industry Secret They Don't Want You To Know 🤫

Aiva is a music creation software that offers several features for users to create music. Users can create their own original compositions by customizing various elements such as time signature, key signature, tempo range, emotion, duration, types of instruments, and harmonic repetition. They can also use songs in the public profiles library as a starting point and add their own spin to it. Another option is to select preset styles like jazz, orchestral, pop, alternative, heavy rock, or trap and customize the emotion, duration, and number of compositions. Users can also upload an influence from Musescore. Aiva offers three subscription plans with different benefits, including free downloads, duration limits, copyright ownership, and monetization options.

Artists We Love 🎤

Chris Barrat, also known as Eagles & Butterflies, is an artist who creates pop music for the dancefloor. He has a strong dedication to music and has achieved success in his career, including being named Mixmag's 'Breakthrough Act of the Year' and starting his own label, Art Imitating Life. He has released music on various labels and has done remixes for popular artists. His biggest track, 'Can't Stop', received recognition and became a significant song. Barrat's productions have been well-received at notable events and label showcases.