Polyend's Play+, FREE Plugin from Baby Audio, Build synths like ODESZA and Flume

Polyend's Play+, FREE Plugin from Baby Audio, Build synths like ODESZA and Flume

Studio Tool You Need 🎹

Play+ is a follow-up to Polyend's original midi-based sample groovebox Play, it gives users far more creative options with four built-in synth engines. There's the ACD, a single-oscillator monophonic analogue emulator, the warm vintage classic analogue sounds of FAT, the dual-oscillator design and modulation matrix of VAP, and finally, WTFM, a 2-operator FM synth with wavetable-based oscillators. With more synth engines with future updates, the Pay+ looks to be a powerhouse for producers. Check it out here!

Production Sauce 🎵

Tom Beven, aka Synthhacker, shows how to make dope exponential chord rhythms like ODESZA, Mura Masa, and Flume. He spreads the chords over the octaves with interesting voices. Each chord stutters at the onset and then slowly falls into the rhythm of the track. Ableton’s Envelope MIDI is used like an LFO to trigger the rate of the chord trigger in Ableton’s arpeggiator. Tom then quantizes the second half of each midi clip to the beat of the track. The sound is polished with Decimort, RC-20, and reverb. Check out this amazing effect here!

News Story You Should Hear About ⚠️

WeAreTheMusicMakers is a popular subreddit where artists from any background to seek feedback, collaboration, advice, and more from other musicians around the world. They have weekly feedback and promotional threads with specific rules to participate to reduce spam. Check it out here!

An Industry Secret They Don't Want You To Know 🤫

Baby Audio has released a FREE plugin, the Beat Slammer Compressor. As the name suggests, this plugin is designed to squash and smash whichever channel you throw it on. Check it out here!

Artists We Love 🎤

YAZ is a North London-based liquid DnB artist. At only 19 years old, the social media star has become synonymous with the re-emerging genre. Check out our favorite tracks, “Anymore,” which features high-energy instrumentals and vocal chops, and her successful debut single, “Mr Valentine" on Spotify and Apple Music!

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