Music Industry Women on the rise, Low End Mixing, BETWEEN FRIENDS Spotlight

Music Industry Women on the rise, Low End Mixing, BETWEEN FRIENDS Spotlight

Studio Tool You Need 🎹

Baby Audio's Atoms Synth is keeping things simple with six parameters. This unique synth uses physical modeling as a central visualizer, that is affected by each of the six controls, allowing users also to see how their decisions are visually tweaking the sound. It also contains an internal automation system for adding motion. Atoms was announced recently at NAMMlow-end and will be available on February 7th! Check out more here!

Production Sauce 🎵

Have you ever mixed one of your tracks and feel like you’ve lost the bass somehow? Abe Duque, master engineer, techno legend, and 343 instructor, decodes phase issues that can occur when mixing the low end. Keep your low-endalso to see strong!

News Story You Should Hear About ⚠️

Women are continuing to make gains across the music industry, according to a recent study.

According to a yearly report by USC Annenberg's Inclusion Initiative, women’s participation in the music industry reached a 12-year high in 2023 at 35%. Additionally, the study found that nearly 20 percent of songwriters in 2023 were women, a growing number of them being women of color. 

Dr. Stacy L. Smith, a researcher on the study, attributed the work of advocacy groups like Women’s Audio Mission, Girls Make Beats, and Moving the Needle for their ongoing support of women in music.

Read the full report here!

An Industry Secret They Don't Want You To Know 🤫

Melboss is a great site that allows users to connect with other artists throughout the industry. More geared towards learning and networking, Melboss allows users to receive feedback on their music and career advice and offers connections with influential positions in the music industry, such as managers, A&Rs, producers, and engineers. They also offer unique opportunities and contests for increased exposure. Learn more about them here!

Artists We Love 🎤

Sav and Brandon Hudson are the sibling duo behind BETWEEN FRIENDS, an indie-pop group hailing from Los Angeles. Their rising stardom is fueled by a distinctive alternative sound – weaving together funky bass lines, ethereal synths, and infectious melodies. Off the release of their first album last fall, the group is reaching new heights, and we're excited to see where they go!

Check out our favorite tracks from the brother-sister creatives, "Really Good Cry" and "ae86" on Spotify and Apple Music.

What's Happening at 343?

We're taking a break from events this week but on February 8th we've got a community feedback session– stop by and show off your track!  

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