Ableton Live 12 officially released, Splice's AI Create Tools, Joy Anonymous artist spotlight

Ableton Live 12 officially released, Splice's AI Create Tools, Joy Anonymous artist spotlight

Studio Tool You Need 🎹

Combobulator is an incredible AI-based plugin from DataMind Audio that processes incoming audio signals through neural networks. It uses a process called "style transfer," which resynthesizes the audio in the style of another artist. Watch the video above and read more about the plugin here!

Production Sauce 🎵

Stanjah highlights the AI Create tools in Splice. He quickly runs through the basic features and makes a catchy DnB beat using the splice samples. Check it out here.

News You Should Hear About ⚠️

Ableton Live 12 is finally here!

The brand new update includes an overhaul of the DAW's user interface, an updated browser, new keys and scales features and tuning systems, a new "Roar" color and saturation device, a new granulator, MPE-capable synthesizers, and more!

If you pre-ordered Live 12 before March 5th, you have two weeks from the release date to update with the discounted price!

An Industry Secret They Don't Want You To Know 🤫

It's no secret that drum 'n' bass is hot right now. SampleRadar has put together 475 FREE DnB samples, originally appearing in an issue of Future Music Magazine, that are available for download now! Grab them here!

Artists We Love 🎤

London dance production duo Joy Anonymous, have been putting together some delicious, feel-good electronic music for a few years now. Henry Counsell and Louis Curran derived a lot of inspiration from disco, soul, and house to create dance music that is very parallel to that summer feeling. Check out our favorites, "JOY (Life Goes On)" and "JOY (Up The Street)" on Spotify and Apple Music.

What's Happening at 343?

Thank you to all who came to our community feedback session on Thursday! We enjoyed hearing what you've been working on!

Next Thursday, we've got a FREE masterclass from 343 instructor Stella Key and an open house! Haven't you been by the studio yet? This is your chance! RSVP Here.

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