Record Store Day, Vaults Beta Library, Tourist spotlight

Record Store Day, Vaults Beta Library, Tourist spotlight

Studio Tool You Need 🎹

Vaults Beta is a VST and sound library offering high-quality samples, presets, and patches for music creation. This plugin allows you to access a wide range of sounds, from realistic orchestral instruments to electronic synths and drum kits. Best of all, it's completely free!

Production Sauce 🎵

Aden Russell, aka Artsea, explains 12 cool effects presets in Ableton that you may not know about. He also shows how to easily tame them if they seem too aggressive. It’s nice to have a curated list of presets. Check them out here!

News You Should Hear About ⚠️

Last Saturday was Record Store Day! The annual event celebrates classic records as well as new vinyl releases, including popular 7-inches from Olivia Rodrigo, Noah Kahan, and Sabrina Carpenter this year.

With vinyl reprints rising in popularity in recent years, the nostalgia of spinning records is back in full swing. Did you grab any new vinyls this year?

An Industry Secret They Don't Want You To Know 🤫

While most musicians and producers use Instagram, how many are familiar with Threads? Unlike Instagram's visual focus, Threads is mainly text-based. Its algorithm is remarkably powerful, showing you relevant posts only and exclusively to your most important interest.

We tried it out, and as producers, most of the suggested posts were starting with "looking to connect with producers/musicians/singers." The coolest part? Many of these posts come from music labels, playlist curators, promoters, and others seeking fresh talent. In this context, you become the opportunity. Check it out yourself!

Artists We Love 🎤

William Philips is an expert at making us feel. Creating music as a Tourist, he has simply never missed the ability to tug at your nostalgic memories. Tourist Extended choruses with escalating synth pads and vocal chops, culminating in a crescendo of eargasmic bliss, is the style of this outstanding UK-based producer. He also just released a brand new album titled Memory Morning last week. Our favorite tracks, "Elixir," "Your Love," and from his new album, "Memory Morning," are all available on Spotify and Apple Music. Spotify and Apple Music.

What's Happening at 343?

Next Thursday, we'll be hosting a community feedback session where you can share your tracks with other producers and artists. This is a great way to interact with the 343 community, build relationships, and gain insights on your tracks in a low-pressure environment!

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