PinkPantheress sparks song length debate, RipX DAW Pro, ViLLAGE spotlight

PinkPantheress sparks song length debate, RipX DAW Pro, ViLLAGE spotlight

Studio Tool You Need 🎹

RipX DAW PRO is a specialized tool for advanced audio editing. Unlike DAWs like Ableton, which are designed for creating music from scratch, RipX excels in deep manipulation of existing audio files. It's perfect for tasks like stem separation, note-by-note adjustments, and other AI features. If you're looking to dissect and refine audio files with surgical precision, RipX DAW PRO is the tool for you. Try it free for 21 days here!

Production Sauce 🎵

Andrew Huang, So Wylie, L.Dre, and Rachel Collier produce 4 different tracks using just Arturia sounds. There are so many fun moments in this video! You have to check out all this talent and variety!

News You Should Hear About ⚠️

PinkPantheress has caused some discussion in the music community after her recent interview with ABC, where she states that her songs don't need to be longer than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

"A song doesn't need to be longer than 2 minutes 30, in my opinion," she continued. "We don't need to repeat a verse. We don't need to have a bridge. We don't need it! We don't need a long outro."

Some artists, like Grammy-winning Dionne Warwick, have replied on social media.

"Artists are allowed to create their art in any way they choose," said Warwick. "However, I do believe a bridge is important."

Obviously, an artist can choose how they feel they should express their music, but what are your thoughts on song length?

An Industry Secret They Don't Want You To Know 🤫

Similarly, services like Playlist Push connect artists with Spotify playlist curators, elevating the chance of featuring in popular playlists and attracting more listeners. These platforms are invaluable for independent artists, offering opportunities to grow their fanbase and refine their music promotion strategies.

Artists We Love 🎤

ViLLAGE is a music producer that has been around for a long time that you may not be too familiar with. His music first shot into online popularity during the chillwave era with the release of "Takeover", which was propelled in even further with Majestic Casual. Over the years, he has delivered incredible EPs and official remixes unique to his ever-evolving sound, solidifying him as one of our favorite underrated artists. Our favorite tracks, "Takeover", "Far Africa", and "Fell for You" are all available on Spotify and Apple Music.

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