Auto-Tune in Ableton, Make synths like Aphex Twin, Kodak To Graph spotlight

Auto-Tune in Ableton, Make synths like Aphex Twin, Kodak To Graph spotlight

Studio Tool You Need 🎹

Jumble is an innovative “randomized sample explorer.” When dropped into your digital audio workstation (DAW), it slices and rearranges audio, generating fresh patterns that sync seamlessly with your project’s tempo. Notable features include adjustable gate length, customizable amp settings, a versatile state-variable filter, and the ability to manipulate the sample in real-time. Live performers can even deactivate the internal gate for dynamic, on-the-fly adjustments. Explore Jumble here. 🎧🔊🎚️

Production Sauce 🎵

Anton Producer takes a deep dive into the sound design of Aphex Twin using Vital, which is a free synth that is perfect for experimenting with sound design. Check out Anton’s informative video here!

News You Should Hear About ⚠️

Ableton has announced its new big update: Auto Shift!

Auto Shift brings pitch tracking and correction to Live 12.1, allowing users to choose any scale to tune their vocals to. It also features MIDI and MPE compatibility, so you can use adjust LFO settings and use polyphonic harmonies to your liking!

12.1 is in public beta currently. Find out more about it here!

An Industry Secret They Don't Want You To Know 🤫

SoundCampaign is a music promotion service that helps artists get featured on Spotify playlists. They distribute music to curators who provide feedback, assisting artists in refining their promotion strategies. Starting at $130, it’s an affordable option for boosting visibility and streams on Spotify. Learn more about SoundCampaign here.

Artists We Love 🎤

After a break that almost lasted a decade, Kodak To Graph returns with his latest single 'Summertime'. The electronic/hip hop producer last released his album Isa in 2016, which featured a fleshed out, hip hop inspired, ethereal soundscape take on electronic music at the time. Kodak To Graph was commonly seen on tours with ODESZA in their earlier days, throwing down some incredible performances during SoundCloud music's biggest era. Summertime is a wonderful track to remerge with and we can't wait to hear more! Check out more from this amazing producer on Spotify and Apple Music.

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